In conjunction with the Neighbourhood Plan Group, Colchester Borough Council (CBC) has now appointed an Examiner to look at the NP and supporting documentation to check the Plan matches the Basic Conditions Statement The Plan is currently in the hands of the Examiner who will report his findings in due course.

Site 150

In the 2016 CBC "Call for Sites" programme, the small open field near the hotel which is adjacent to the A1124 and the London to Norwich railway line was put forward for potential development. It was designated as Site 150 in the programme. 

The Parish Council rejected the site for development on 12th September 2018 and CBC also rejected the site on 18th October 2018. 

An appeal was made against the rejection (planning reference number 181846) and with the full agreement of the Parish Council, the Neighbourhood Plan Group responded to the appeal and a copy of their representations against the Appeal may be found under the tab "Site 150 Appeal"

On the 17th June 2019, the Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal citing various points:

The Inspector concluded by saying "....the appeal scheme would have a harmful effect on the character and appearance of the landscape.." and the CBC "....policies, jointly, amongst other things, protect unallocated greenfield land outside settlement boundaries and seek to sustain the character of the countryside and achieve compatibility with the local character".


The text of the Government Planning Inspector's full decision can viewed by clicking Here