Present Position


The Colchester Borough Council (CBC) 6 week statutory consultation [22nd January 5th March] under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, on the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Eight Ash Green, has now finished. The Representations made have been collated and we met CBC on 11th March to discuss our comments observations on the Representations. We submitted a full Report to the Parish Council (PC) to include all the detailed Representations and our comments and these were considered by the PC on 13th March 2019 who fully endorsed the Report.  


Our comments will be placed before the Examiner, appointed jointly by CBC and the NP Group, who will consider whether the NP meets the Basic Conditions Statement. Depending on any recommendations or modifications suggested by the Examiner, the next stage will be a local Referendum by the village where, if the NP is to be adopted as part of the CBC Local Plan, it must be a +1 vote. This means that if 100 villagers vote, then 51 must approve it or 400/201 or 620/311 etc.


John Allcock

Vice Chair, Eight Ash Green Neighbourhood Plan Group